Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Beetroot Squash / Syrup

As soon as we are back from an outing, what is the first thing that we do? I aim towards ma fridge to grab something cold from it. Arun's habit is also same. I usually have some ready made juices in store. Ma mom always advises me to drink plain water than the preserved juice and ma reply is always same. "Drinking a chiller boosts ma energy to unpack the shopped stuffs". One day she reminded me the recipe of beetroot squash that she used to make during ma school days. It has the colour of wine, which I love and ma lip use to be pink in colour as if I applied lipstick. I wrote down the recipe from her and now I prepare it regularly. It is free of preservatives and any artificial colour. 

Welcome this summer with this healthy & tasty drink!!!!

Cheers :-)


Beetroot : 1 Kg, finely grated
Sugar : 1.30 Kg
Water : 8 Cups
Citric acid : 2 Tbsp
Lemon juice : From 6 lemons
Tonovin / Grape essence : 1 Tsp


Boil the grated beetroot in 5 cups of water in a heavy bottom vessel. Turn the flame in simmer and let it stand for 15 minutes.
Turnoff the stove and let it cool at room temperature with the lid on.
Add the sugar to 3 cups of water in a heavy bottom vessel. Boil it till you get  thick, pale yellow sugar syrup.
Turn off the stove and add citric acid in to the sugar syrup and stir well. Let it cool at room temperature.
Pour the lemon juice into the sugar syrup.
Strain the beetroot extract and mix well with the sugar syrup.
Add essence.
Pour it into dry bottles and store it in the fridge. 

Serving direction:

Fill 1/3 of the glass with the syrup and fill the remaining with chilled water


Ritu J. Rose


Use fresh beetroot for the recipe to get the colour of wine. 
The colour of squash turns into pale brown if the beetroot is not fresh.
I generally don't prefer to add tonovin essence as it gives the taste of cough syrup but if you want you can add grape essence. 


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