Saturday, 23 March 2013

Kozhukatta.... Palm Sunday special!!

Am very much super excited!!!! Super excited about what???? Kozhukattas!!!! You might be thinking that I have gone insane.... Yeah!!! but true... I am literally excited.... I don't know what is there so much to be hyper excited about it but, I was actually planning and dreaming about making Kozhukatta on KOZHUKATTA SHANIYAZCHA (Kozhukatta saturday). Now, what is "Kozhukatta shaniyazhcha''??? Isn't that your next question in mind??? It is the day before Palm Sunday. To be specific, Palm Sunday eve. Please do not ask me the relation between Kozhukatta and palm sunday? I do not know, neither ma Mom knows it. That is the tradition that we follow in our family. Tradition...hmmm the cooking tradition I must say... that's the whole centre point of my kozhukatta excitement. Don't you remember???I have already told you that Arun and myself are from two different parts of Kerala and there is huge difference in our way of doing things. Moreover my MIL was working. So, she hardly had any time to do all these stuffs. My Mom was a busy home maker and she tries to make it up everything to welcome a special day especially, when it comes to food. Now I enjoy doing all these things which are totally new to Arun. I also explain him why I do it. The way it was celebrated back at ma home before our marriage etc....I knew, Arun is totally new to Kozhukatta shaniyazhcha... Thats the whole reason of my excitement in preparing it. Shouldn't we woman be feeling proud? We are the one who carry the tradition forward... From "our home" to the "new home". Doesn't it sound interesting???

Coming back to kozhukatta...I told you, I was dreaming about it for the past one week. I couldn't wait till Saturday. So, I made the filling on Friday evening itself :-p and was longing to make the crest on Saturday.

There are certain dishes that we make just once in an year like pesaha paal, indri appam and kozhukatta. Though there is no hard and fast rule about kozhukatta...which can be made any day, I still like to associate with Palm Sunday eve. Back home, ma Mom cooks kozhukatta only on this day. I don't know why, when I was a kid (nothing new now)  I was very much fascinated to ask all those who ring us on that day,  ഇന്ന് കൊഴുകട്ട ഉണ്ടാകിയോ ? ഇല്ലേ ???? അതെന്തെന്താ ഇന്ന് കൊഴുകട്ട ശനിയാഴ്ച്ച അല്ലെ ??? (If they prepared kozhukatta or not??? If not I was quite surprised that they dint make kozhukatta on that day)..... And if the caller doesn't cook kozhukatta, with a surprise in ma tone I used to tell Mom....മമ്മാ , അവർ  ഇന്ന്  കൊഴുകട്ട ഉണ്ടാകിയില്ല മമ്മാ (Mom they dint make kozhukatta today... how sad!!! :-p).... Now being away from home.... I made ma first kozhukatta all by myself and as u guessed I asked ma Mom whether she made kozhukatta or not???? :-p

Ok lets come back... guess, I must have created a mood for making kozhukatta in you as well....Why are you still waiting???? Turn out today into a kozhukatta shaniyacha.... :-) My Kozhukattas came out PERFECT... very soft crest outside and juicy filling inside...!!!!


For Filling:
Jaggery Syrup : 1 Cup, (Please refer Chakka Ada recipe to make jaggery syrup)
Grated Coconut : 1 Cup
Dry ginger powder (ചുക്ക് പൊടി ) : 1 Large pinch
Ghee : 1/2 Tbsp
Sugar : 1 Tbsp

For Crest:
Rice powder : 1 Cup
Water : 2 Cups
Salt : To taste
Oil : 1/2 tsp + for greasing

Filling :
In a dry non stick kadai, pour the jaggery syrup. Let it start boiling.
Add coconut to it. Mix well so that it is properly soaked in the syrup. Wait till the syrup evaporates.
Add ghee and stir.
Also, add sugar to it (Please refer notes).
Add ginger powder and mix well. The filling should be moist but not watery.(Please refer notes).
Make lemon sized balls with filling, when it is still warm (If you wish) or else keep it aside (Please refer notes).
Crest :
Add oil and salt to the boiling water.
Add rice flour to the boiling water and mix well with the spatula until the entire water is absorbed by the flour. Keep it aside for 5 minutes.
When it is manageably warm, knead the dough well in to a smooth mass.
Divide the dough into medium sized balls, little larger than the ball of filling.
Grease your hands well with oil and Press each ball of dough into a thin disk shaped crest.
Fold the edges inward, so that you can make a small cup of dough.
Place each ball of filling in their crest and seal it well by closing the edges together. If you dint make balls with the filling, you can also fill the crest with 1 or 2 tbsp of filling and then seal it. Repeat the same with the entire filling and the crest.
Steam the kozhukatta for about 15 minutes in a medium flame.

Your kozhukattas are ready :-)

I added sugar to the filling because it will turn the filling sticky so that I can turn them into balls. If you want to let the filling loose, it is not necessary to add sugar.
If the filling is too watery then it cannot be held in ball shape. Moreover, it will ooze out through the crest.
I prefer ball shaped filling so that it easy for me to turn the kozhukatta into desired shape.


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