Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Vettu Cake / Fried Tea Cake

Hey do you agree me with ma point that certain dishes/savouries are just vanishing off from the menu as the generations pass by? I strongly feel it coz I have heard names of different snacks from ma Mom which are totally new to me. My Mom usually experiments to replicate the new variety of food she has. I guess she has not made all those goodies for us may be because she had them even before she started cooking or just because those goodies became as uncommon as the years passed by that it even washed out of her memory.

Vettu Cake is one such goodie of ma Mom's childhood days which she rediscovered while we stopped near a small hotel during our long road drive. It was around 8 years back. She showed a snack in the glass box of that small hotel to myself and ma sis and told us that was her favourite snack during her childhood. We were quite excited to see the flower shaped snack and we loved its taste. After that I never saw it anywhere and in fact, I even forgot its name until I saw the beautiful vettu cakes in Swapnas Cuisine. I decided to make them and take it home for Easter and surprise ma Mom. I also saw it in ma friend Sini's Blog, who replicated her version of perfect vettu cakes. I really got inspired by them. As I was getting ready to make it for the first time, was very much confused about the measurement coz do you remember me telling about our family get together at ma home for Easter. I really had to make them in large scale. Thanks for your help my dear blogger friends. Your suggestions helped me a lot.

I must say it was a daring challenge for me to make the vettu cake in a large scale as I have never tried making it before. Anyways it was a happy ending for me when Arun told me that it has come out soft and tasty. It is worth, time consuming. Try it.. Am sure you will be happy to see the beautiful fluffy vettu cakes.

You can check out for the original recipe from Swapnascuisine as well as from Sini's Kitchen magic.

All purpose flour : 5 Cups
Semolina : 1/2 Cup
Sugar : 1.75 Cups
Baking Powder : 2 Tsp
Cardamom powder : 2 Tsp
Salt : 2 Tsp
Eggs : 4 Nos
Oil : 2 tsp + As required for frying
Water : 1/4 Cup
Powder the sugar.
Sift together all purpose flour, semolina, powdered sugar, baking powder, cardamom powder and salt.
Using a hand blender, beat the eggs wells till it becomes fluffy and add it to the flour mixture.
Add 2 tsp of oil and  also water.
Knead it well to a soft dough and cover it. Keep it undisturbed for 45 minutes.
Grease your hand well and roll the dough into thick strips and flatten them with you hands by gently pressing them. 
Cut the strips into square pieces of equal size.
Make a deep cross cut at the centre of the square with a sharp knife.
Fry them in medium hot oil till you get golden brown vettu cakes.
It can be stored for 3 weeks in a clean and air tight container.

Happy Cooking :-)

Addition of oil while making dough will prevent absorption of more oil while frying.
I rolled the dough on chapati board. Remember to dust the board well before you flatten each strip as the dough is sticky. It is also a good idea to dust your hands which will prevent the sticky mess of dough.
Temperature of the oil should at the lower side of medium flame to ensure evenly cooked vettu cakes. High temperature causes burning of the cakes as well as will leave you with uncooked cakes.


  1. Good and risky attempt...sammathichu dear..a new recipe in such a large scale....courageous girl!!!!!keep it up!!!!!!

  2. It came out perfect Ritu! Thanks for the kind mention and link back... Have a very happy & blessed Easter with Family dear:)

  3. Thanks a lot chechi :-) Your suggestions helped me a lot. Wish you and your family a very happy and blessed Easter :-)

  4. looks perfect...Thanks for the link back...wish you a blessed and happy Easter to your family....

    1. Thank you so much for ur wishes:-) My belated Easter wishes to you n ur family. Hope you had a blast :-)

  5. Beautiful little cakes!
    They look delicious.
    Thank you!


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