Sunday, 19 January 2014

Maladu... Happy First Birthday ma Blog and ma First award.

Hello every one.... We have known each other for past one year..Yes my little space celebrated her First Birthday on January 8th. Though I wanted to make it really big, I very well knew that I will not be able to do it. I had plans to bake a cake in advance and save it in draft and post it up for birthday. But couldn't do it. I was relocating to a new place and a new job. How I wished, I could manage something for birthday. I was sad that I couldn't make it. I thank all my readers, family who motivated me to be a blogger. I even thought, I will just forget this and will celebrate the second one well. I couldn't just move with that thought. How can I be so negligent. I passified myself and decided to post a sweet, if not a cake, which I had saved up in ma drafts. Something is better than nothing right?

There is one more reason to celebrate. I was nominated and I received ma first Liebster Award from Anupa of Palaharam. Am so happy and thankful to you dear Anupa, who is ma friend and above all very talented, creative, cook and a classy blogger. Though I was excited and happily accepted it, I dint know what exactly it means. I went through her blog to know what exactly it is. Due to ma time constraint am sharing the information from her blog.

Liebster award is given to upcoming bloggers who have less than 200 followers. This award helps motivate the upcoming bloggers to keep blogging wonderful recipes and also introducing them to the rest of the blogging world. Also, it is a recognition given to them for the effort and the time that they spend in the blogosphere. Now, there are few rules to follow. As I take away this award, I will need to giveaway the award to another 5-10 bloggers(need not be food bloggers), with less than 200 followers accompanied with few other tasks:

  • Comment on the award givers post, confirming the receipt of it.
  • Give a heads-up to the nominees that you are passing on the award to them by leaving a comment on      their blog.
  • Blog about the award, telling whom you received it from and who all are you gonna pass it on to.          
  • Answer the 10 questions that the award giver has asked you. 
  • Frame another set of 10 questions for the nominees to answer.
  • Put up the cute little badge on your blog.

Following are my responses to Anupa's Questions. 

What made you start blogging? Has it brought any positive change in you?
       I always loved to experiment in cooking right from the school days. My interest in cooking led me to                search recipes online, take it up from ma mom and write it up in piece of paper and assemble them                   according to ma taste. When I wanted to repeat it someday, I never remembered the recipe nor found the         paper. Then I decided to start up a blog which could be a store house of all ma recipes and also will keep         me engaged. The most important positive change in me after turning out as a blogger is , I am more patient       while cooking so that I can get a better result. I used to hurry up before and enjoy the food if it tastes good.      Now try to get it more similar to the authentic one. 

Apart from blogging what are your hobbies/interest?
      I find interest in anything new and creative.

What made you choose your blog name?
      I was in search for a name that is related to food and readers. A name that connects both. Treat, stands          for delicacy, a visual treat/delicacy for ma readers. Feast, stands for spread, buffet, banquet etc. Treat is          always "given" and feast is "enjoyed together". So enjoy the treat. :-)

Do you hate any veggie or a dish in particular?
     I never say no to any dish. I like to explore all sorts of veggies and dishes. Yeah, but prefer to stay away          from dishes that are deep fried. 

What is the one thing that you can't live without?
     Now that, I am happy with all that I have, I really cant say am most dependent on which among them.  

A place you have always wished to visit?
     I dont think I can list just one place. There are so many in the list. 

Who is your role model?
     I have different role models in each areas of ma life. 

What is your favorite cuisine?
    I love to try out new food. Thats how I turnt out to be a blogger, but I certainly have preferences for                 Chinese, Italian and Kerala. At times I like spicy and some time mild but sure anytime it should be well             flavoured. 

Who is your favorite chef?
    Definitely my Mom, who would not love to have Mom's food? 

Who motivated you to blog?
   It is my husband. He is ma pillar. Without him I would have never fulfilled ma dream of blogging. I secretly      wished to be an author of cookbook, conduct cookery shows, own a restaurant etc. It was his suggestion and    the domain name was his new year gift. Ma Mom and sis are also very supportive.

I enjoy reading many blogs. It is difficult to pick up just one. Still I have tried ma best to select 10 among them whom I dont think have recieved this award before. I hope they get excited too, the way I was when I received one. Dear friends you can always not accept it if you dont wish to, but it will be fun to join and answer the question and also to frame the next 10. 

Following are the nominees selected for Leibster Award:
Nandoo of Nandoo's Kitchen
Manjusha of My wonder kitchen 
Mallika of Easy cooking 321
Deepa of The red chillies 
Prethika of Aromatic-recipes

My Ten question for the nominees:

1. What is the most important thing you enjoy in blogging?
2. How do you describe your blog name?
3. If you are been given a choice to select a person who will cook for you for a day, whom will you choose       and why?
4. You are allowed to live only on one food for a month, which one will you opt for?
5. What is that dish which you always want to try cooking but is scared to attempt?
6. What are the means of collecting recipes? What attracts you to choose a dish for experimenting?
7. Which recipe would you recommend your readers as a "must try" recipe from your blog? 
8. What is your dream about your blog?
9. Who motivated you to blog?
10.You have to chose a second name for your blog. How will you rename it and why? 

I take this opportunity to Thank ma husband, family, friends and all ma READERS who motivated me to post each new recipe. Your comments, suggestions and requests made me to try out new dishes. Am happy that am able to learn new recipes from the blogosphere. I have gained many friends through blogging with whom I stay connected. Dear people, stay tuned for more dishes from me.Thank you all once again. :-)  


Roasted gram/Pottukadala : 1cup
Sugar : 1/2 - 3/4 cup
Ghee - 6 - 7 Tbsp
Cashew kernels - 1/4 cup
Milk (Luke warm) - 1 Tbsp (If required)
Cardamom - 6

  1. Dry roast the roasted gram until you get a nice aroma and it starts to change colour. Take care not to burn them. Allow it cool and powder it very finely. Transfer it to a wide bowl.
  2. Powder cardamom and sugar very finely. Adjust the quantity of sugar according to your preference for sweet. Add the powdered sugar and cardamom to the roasted gram powder.
  3. Fry the cashew kernels in 3 tbsp ghee and pour it into the mixture of powders. Add remaining melted ghee to powder.
  4. Mix them well with a spoon and shape them tightly into smooth round balls,when the mixture is still warm. If it does not hold, only then add luke warm milk.
  5. It can be enjoyed for 5 days if stored in an air tight containers.


  • The mixture should be warm while u roll them in to laddu. Else it will not hold together. Also roll them firmly to hold the shape.
  • I added milk to make the mixture slightly moist so that I can roll them into balls. Please do not add more than a tablespoon or else the mixture will become watery and a mess. If you are not worried about calorie intake you can add extra melted ghee to roll out the laddus.
  • I got 25 laddus out of the given quantity. 


  1. congrats on ur bloggy b'day and the laddoo looks delicious... kudos on the award too... hope things are settling back to normal for you...

  2. I love your blog

  3. First of all hearty congrats to you on getting a Liebster award! Glad to know more about you n your blog..B'day wishes to your baby blog! Thanks alot for passing the award to me! :) I'm very glad to receive it! :) Will soon have a post updated in my space! :) Thanks and hugs again! :)

  4. Hey Ritu,
    Thanx for nominating my baby blog for this award.That was quite a surprise.Since we never interacted before .So,thanx a loot for the nomination .I am not a big fan of this award but I can't say no to you.Appreciate it and ofcourse I am taking it wholeheartedly.

    Hearty congratz on your lovely blog's 1st b'day dear:)...May you have more..All the best !!! and also congratz on your award too :)...

  5. hey...happy blog anniversary to u and ur blog... wihing u many more to come...keep up the good work.. And ya u r too generous for those kind works :D..

    Maladu looks so good...kothiyavunnu..

  6. Thanks ritu...for nominating me you have a wonderful blog


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